Thirteen Requirements

The thirteen requirements (as spelled out in tai chi classics by Wu Yuxiang, etc.) consist of the eight torso methods and the five essential requirements:

  • Eight Torso Methods:
    1. Holding in the chest
    2. stretching the back
    3. keeping the head upright (suspending the head top)
    4. suspending the crotch
    5. loosening the shoulders
    6. dropping of elbows
    7. wrapping the crotch
    8. protecting the stomach (or upper abdomen)
  • Five Essential Requirements:
    1. Keeping the body upright
    2. distinguishing between substantiality and insubstantiality
    3. sinking qi down to dantian
    4. attentive spirits
    5. martial spirits

Please see the article The Qunitessence of Wu (Yuxiang) Style tai chi (also found here) or “Liu Jishun Explains Internal Training In The Wu/Hao Style,” cover story in the June 1999 issue of T’ai Chi magazine, for detailed explanations. The Introduction to Wu (Hao) Style tai chi article can also be helpful.

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