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Tai Chi


Chinese Massage, college textbook (in English and Chinese).


Chinese Medical Tui Na, college textbook.


Chinese Massage Manual: The Healing Art of Tui Na, by Sarah Pritchard. Recommended by some tui na practitioners who have read it.



    • “The Mystery of Chi”, by Bill Moyers. Chapter IV of this book, has an interesting interview with top Wu [Chien Chuan] style master Ma Yueh Liang. It also provides simple yet informative glimpse of TCM, including TCM tui na, from a westerner’s point of view.
    • An introduction to TCM. It helps to have some basic understandings of TCM in order to appreciate certain tai chi theories.

Links to Other Websites*

  • Wu [Chien Chuan] Style
  • Yang Style
  • Sun Style
  • TCM Tui Na
  • Miscellaneous
    • Chinese Traditional Kung-Fu magazine – A bilingual (English/Chinese) publication with in-depth reports on Chinese traditional martial arts, including tai chi. Starting with its Winter 2007 issue, it has been running a series of report on Wu (Hao) style tai chi, covering Master Liu Jishun and his students, among others.
    • Cloud Gate Dance Theatre – This well-known modern dance group based in Taiwan choreographed several of their repertory based on tai
    • Ju Ming Museum – has a beautiful collection of Taichi Series sculptures by Ju Ming.
    • Nova Scotia School of KungFu & TaiChi – this site sells a set of videos of very famous tai chi grand masters from all the five traditional
      styles, including Hao Shaoru (Wu/Hao style), Gu Liuxin, Ma Yueh-Liang and Wu Ying-Hua (Wu [Chien-Chuan] style), Fu Zhong-Wen (Yang
      style), etc. The video quality reflects the limitations of the production equipments of the time, but the content is of utmost interest for any
      serious tai chi-phile. Note that according to Master Liu Jishun, Grand Master Hao Shaoru was in the 3rd day of serious high fever when
      the video was shot.
    • 1998 5th Int’l Yongnian tai chi Conference
    •’s tai chi listings – good source of tai chi web sites in China.
    • Bay Area Wing Chun Association – web site of local (Bay Area) Wing Chun martial artists, with interesting accounts of top tai chi artists,
      especially for people who are not familiar with the martial arts aspects of tai chi. The reverence shown in this web site for top tai chi
      masters should dispel any doubts of tai chi’s place among true martial arts, coming from top Wing Chun practitioners, who are known
      for their fighting capabilities (and who count, among others, Bruce Lee, as one of their top fighters).

* With special focus on, but not limited to, local (San Francisco Bay Area) tai chi clubs and traditional styles.

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