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Fa Jin means issuing or dispatching (fa) of strength or energy (jin) in Chinese and is part of the (advanced) practice of tai chi.

Master Liu Jishun demonstrates Wu (Hao) tai chi at the festival.

1961 Wu/Hao tai chi Class in Shanghai Sports Hall, Shanghai, China. Fourth from left at front: Grand Master Hao, fourth from left at back: Master Liu.

Grand Master Hao Shaoru (1907-1983) 3rd generation Wu (Hao) lineage holder and direct descendant of the Hao family. Hao wrote the 1963 book, The Wu Style tai chi, that formally documented the 96 forms of the Wu (Hao/Yuxiang) style tai chi for the first time. The Hao family taught the Wu (Hao) style professionally for three generations. Pictures courtesy Liu Jishun.

In the 1991 Int'l Tai Chi Conference in Yongnian County, Hebei Province, China. Front row from left: Wu Yinghua, Sun Jianyun, Ma Yueh-Liang, Yang Zhengzhi, Fu Zhongwen, Feng Zhiqiang, Pu Gongda; back row from left: Qiao Songmao, Yang Zhenduo, Wang Haizhou, Huang Zifu, Liu Jishun, Chen Zheng Lei, Wu Wenhan (click here for their lineages). Picture courtesy Liu Jishun.


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