How long should one practice everyday in order to make progress in tai chi?

  • For casual learners or busy people, we recommend daily practices of 20 minutes in order to reap the benefits of better health. The practice content could be either doing entire forms or simply doing the first two moves of the 49 forms.
  • For people having more time, we recommend daily practices of one hour.
  • For people who are into more traditional and rigorous trainings, for both health benefits and martial arts applications, we recommend 2 hours or more daily practices.

These can be done in early morning or at night, preferably not empty-stomached. 

[According to Master Liu, Grand Master Hao Shaoru used to train for more than 10 hours a day since his childhood. Master Liu himself used to go to Hao for private tutoring 3 times a week for 5 years in the beginning, and he trained for 4-5 hours each day himself. Master Liu also observed that for those 5 years, Hao never repeated himself in the materials he taught. — Ed.]

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